Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mum - I miss you most at Christmas Time!

Just a few photos of Mum through the years.Above, Mum, Dad and me approx 1944. Taken on our farm. In the background is an old portable schoolhouse which Dad purchased from the City of Boston to re-use as a home for our many chicken. Looks like it was in the process of re-assembly. Dad: an early re-cycler! Mum sits in a wheelbarrow which had a long life on our farm.Mum and Dad in HS Senior portrait is on the mantle.

On the steps of St. Andrew's, the church in which we all grew up. I believe this is on the day of sister, Bebo's wedding in 1968, could have been my first wedding in 1962.
A Christmas Eve photo.
Christmas dinner 1965. Sam is tucked in to the picture just to Mum's right. El sits on Dad's lap. Sister Margaret and her then boyfriend, Roger at the back. Jason and Alison now have that beautiful china which is often used at their always lovely table.

Tearful day as I make cookies with Kristi....making mew memories through the tears. Why does the grief seem to deepen more with the years?


Anne said...

Mama those pictures are wonderful! In the last picture, at the dinner table, I see a lot of Sara in Nana's face. Thanks for sharing those today.

With love.

amy in ct said...

it is good to get these things out.... the tears.... the words.... thank you for sharing your pictures with us.
i wish you and your family a happy and peaceful christmas.

One Woman's Journey said...

The grief I understand. I have cried a lot over the last few days.
So many memories. They are so clear and many so painful and many so joyous. So I struggle to understand. Life is passing by so quickly and I find that the answers I thought I would have at this time - I still do not have.
Christmas holidays - why do you do this?
Take care, we are fine and maybe we are just normal.

Jerri said...

I think grief deepens as we gain understanding of the gifts of our lives and the people in them.

Your pictures are wonderful, as your memories must be and the memories you're making will be.