Thursday, December 11, 2008

.....And More Waiting

No baby, not even a stirring, the new-parents-to-be are doing alright, although I notice my now laid-off son, is calling his mother more often for reassurance and he is noticing little things to worry about (like mother, like son, eh?).

LM and I are very concerned about our dear friend, Bob. He has an appointment with his Dr. tomorrow but it seems like something is very wrong. He is quite weak, has major tremors and is sleeping a lot. We are keeping a watchful eye as he has no close relatives.....only a niece who lives far away whom he rarely sees. LM is his family!

Other than those things life is normal for me and I've been accomplishing a lot at work. Yesterday afternoon we toured one of our almost complete projects. It is quite an amazing house and the owners will take occupancy next week and probably stay there 2-3 weeks a year. It really is absurd. This house has 6 bedrooms and more baths, incredibly complicated and beautiful details and a lovely wooded setting with a water view. The tours we have when a project is at this stage, are very interesting as the Design Principal critiques and complements while we move along, and staff is able to observe what works and what needs to be thought out differently on the next projects. Next up will be seeing it furnished and having it photographed.
Each time we are creating a piece of architectural history and a work of art, as they are all so different and many years go in to their creation. I love my job.....even if it is only on the administrative end, they make us all part of the process. My favorite room in the house is a small study which is an ell at one end of the house. The walls are painted navy blue, all trim is white, the fireplace has lovely handmade tile in a basket weave design and there are windows on three sides. There is a beautiful bath attached to this ell. Really I could easily live in that space if a stove & refrigerator were added. LOL.

The weekend is looking to be chaotic with Dad needing my time, LM having obligations and needing to be with Bob, and possibly a baby arriving! Not sure how it will all play out but stay tuned.

An aside....I wish I could go back to the simplicity which was Christmas when I was a child. Yes, I know there is no going back, it is just the demands of the holiday which spoil it for me. I want to just feel the love and the celebration without all the expectations. I am sure I make these expectations of myself but just the same, they cloud it all and make me want to dig a tunnel to traverse under the holiday dates on the calendar. I have no money to buy things, but can probably bake a few gifts, but why do I feel so depressed and scattered when these dates approach?? Then I seem to experience a "down" time in January as I assess the fact that I didn't do enough. Oh yes, I am probably finding things to be intense about while I wait for the baby and other things, too. I really need to just stay in this day and savor the fact that I am alive, healthy, happy, and fortunate in these times. Reining myself in here on Cape Cod!!


amy in ct said...

i know how you feel about the holidays... and it really sucks you in. i mean it is only a 4 week season at best and you try to cram so much into those 4 weeks. my son is 13 and still very much into the traditions. we can bake cookies any time of year but they just seem more festive and 'better' when they have red and green sprinkles on them.
and then when it is all over and you take the tree down everything seems empty. not sure if it is actually the lack of crap in your living room after you take it all down that makes it feel empty or what....

by the way... that blue room in the house sounds WONDERFUL!

take care and good luck waiting for baby and with dad.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Amy,
I do love the baking part. There are so many wonderful memories of making Christmas cookies with my Mum as a child.
Cape Cod's a wild place tonight....rainy and windy.
Love it!

Cape Cod Kitty said...
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One Woman's Journey said...

Checking in. I can relate to the holiday feelings. Sorry about your dad and hope you are feeling better. Your sysmtoms sound like what I had about 3 weeks ago. The home sounds wonderful. I have had them in the past. Now all I want is a small cottage that is not very impressive. But nature will make up for it. Take Care and thank you for the continual comments on My Journey.