Friday, December 19, 2008

December 19th

I tried all day today to write a post about my mother to commemorate her birthday and death day, but I have been unable to do it. Work was very frenetic today and offered a nice distraction from the heavy emotions I feel. So, I leave you with a photo from this morning at my favorite place. The sky was appropriately dramatic and beautiful. Tonight, a heavy snowstorm is raging outside my window, and my mind is racing with worry over the fact that Jason, Alison and baby Teddy are in a cold house without power, with no idea when it will be restored. Our power has flickered but not stayed off yet. They are 35 miles from me.

Hopefully tomorrow, with the beauty of new snow in the morning, I can post the photos and write more about Mum.

Today is also a very special day because my grandson, Marshall was born on my Mum's birthday! She was very honored to have a grandchild born on her day.
He is a very bright, funny, thoughtful and dear light in our lives. It really pains me to live so far from him and his older brother, Jared.

Marshall with his ingeniously wrapped birthday gift....a new large computer monitor.
Both boys are a fine tribute to their wonderful parents, Anne & David.

I need to sleep......


amy in ct said...

the kids will be fine, dont worry. if nothing else, in the morning when the storm is over they can drive to someplace with power.
we are being slammed with the same storm, i am near hartford, and last i looked there was an inch an hour coming down.
i loved the pic, it looks like it was taken near the chatam light house... but i am probably mistaken. i am sure it looks different now withthe snow.
stay warm and all will be well.... you will get your feelings out when it is time.
you say 'mum'... silly question but are you british?
sleep well

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Good Morning, Amy, that is indeed the beach at Chatham Lighthouse. I go there at least once everyday before work as I work right near the is all within a mile of my place. It is truly different everyday!
I'm not British. It is strange about "Mum" as we all always called her Mama (as my children now refer to me), but it seemed to change to "Mum" when we were away from her.
We ended up with only several inches of snow out here. No word from the kids this morning so I don't know what has happened about their power.

Jerri said...

You and your children and grandchildren commemorate your mother's life. There is such love in all your posts.

What grace to see that view every day. Blessings to you and all you love.