Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finding Peace in Piecing

The sewing machine sits ready, and I know a fairy princess who really needs pretty curtains for her new bedroom. Fairy princess curtains she will have!

I found these great Laura Ashley flannel sheets at Marshall's for very little. Creating curtains from these perfect sheets provide a very thrifty and warm option to trekking all the way to Hyannis where I may or may not have found what I was looking for, and the price would have been triple at least. More than once in my life, sewing pieces of fabric together has saved my soul from the depths of despair. There are many quilts around which are filled with threads of my sanity, and their beauty and warmth bring me such pleasure. One even cured cancer, that is my take anyway. Not that I am in deep despair now, but a little project will go a long way right now to cure the blues. And besides that, I love fairy princesses, too!
Bob comes home today, and he asked for apple pie. A beauty awaits him, along with a pot roast which cooked overnight in my new crockpot. There will be a celebration of his homecoming and a welcome to 2009 for LM, Bob and moi!
Have a safe, peaceful and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Thank you to all who stop by my little corner of the world to read and/or leave me lovely messages. They are each little gifts and I am most appreciative.


One Woman's Journey said...

This pie is a beauty.

Jerri said...

"which are filled with threads of my sanity"

What a beautiful way to put this. The quilts I've made contain the remnants of my sanity, too.

My prayers are with LM and John, and with you.

islaygirl said...

What a beautiful pie!! (and i know from pies.)

Best wishes to you, LM, Bob and Ms G for a happy 2009!