Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winning in the Mud and Dirt

Last week while some of us were giving birth and most of us were very worried about our friend, Bob and my Dad, my brother, Sam (45), and his son, Nate (13) were competing in the Cyclocross National races in Kansas City, MO. Every Fall here they race in the NE area in an effort to qualify for Nationals. I believe this was the second year that they have qualified to go to Kansas City. Sam is my youngest brother (my daughter, Anne and Sam are exactly the same age!), and it is his wonderful wife, Trish who does the bulk of the caring for Dad's needs. Trish left to attend the Nationals, after setting a great plan in place to make sure Dad was well cared for in her absence.
Last year they raced there in a blizzard and ice storm.....cyclocross competitors LOVE the severe weather, mud, etc!!!! Crazy thing, don't ask.....
Well, today I am proud to present the results from our family perspective:
A quote from Trish:

"Nate was 2nd overall in his division, and interestingly, passed enough of the older racers who started before Nate's group that he would have placed 10th in the 15-17 age group if they had all started together. So he is feeling good about next year. He will have to move up to the 15-17 group next year, even though he will only be 14 and was a little bit afraid that he would not be able to be in the top 10 his first year in that group. Now he knows that he will be able to be competitive - probably not win any of them, but at least not spend his first year in that group way in the back!
Sam finished 5th again this year. Doesn't sound very exciting, but he was amazing and there were almost 100 racers in his division. He was SO thrilled. I have some great pictures that show just how happy he was. Everyone ran to him after he went through the finish line and were all excited and congratulating him etc. It was really great."

Sam, far left on the podium!!

Nate on the very muddy course.

Nate 4th from left on the podium!1st & 2nd place, Nate far right!!

I am so very proud of these two wonderful men in my family!

Speaking of wonderful men, LM, my dear sweet love, reports this morning that Bob is doing so well and now both kidneys, sans many huge stones, are functioning again. Today there is another hurdle as Bob has a colonoscopy to explore why he is having bowel failure! Right now we are very hopeful, prayerful and certain that it will be a healthier Chrstmas for Bob. Perhaps, Bob will be home by tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Mum's birth and death day. Today I am purposefully reflective and doing things which would make her very happy, in an effort to lift myself over the grief of her loss which still walks with me everyday of my life.

I am rejoicing in the happiness of having a beautiful new grandchild to love, and happy to report the baby had a great day yesterday. Alison continues to face the coccyx pain, so healing thoughts go her way for ease this day.

Best of all the sun is shining and I am headed out the door early to get to the beach for a time of meditation and reflection before work!

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Jerri said...

Congratulations to Sam and Nate, and best wishes to Bob.

To you, I send blessings of Light and Love as you face the anniversaries. Peace be with you.