Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Waking up by listening to Community Radio this morning. It has been 2-3 weeks since I turned on my television and I just love it. Always when I arose, I would turn on the TV and it would run as background noise until I was ready to leave for work. Months ago, I decided, I could not stand the noise anymore and the repetitive stories about nothing, as commercial TV digs very deep to try to make news. I have always loved and supported our local radio station which is manned by local and very knowledgeable DJ's, and this morning, as I listen to WOMR I am being carried in to the joys of Christmas by the likes of Oscar Peterson and Diana Krall and now Dave Brubeck. The guest DJ this morning is Chevy Chase. He has a fantastic jazz collection.

Everything is in place and ready for tomorrow! It has been fun to do a little decorating, arrange the table and plan the meal which I will make in concert with daughter, Sara. This is the first time in living here for 5 years that I have entertained on a holiday and it feels good. Everything had to be done last night as today finds me working until noon, then hitting the road with a number of stops which will culminate in dinner with my brother, Sam and wife Trish, nephews Danny and Nate and Danny's girlfriend, Abby. We will be dining at Bia Bistro in Cohasset, a spot I have dreamed of trying! Along the way today I will visit Jason, Alison and TEDDY! After that, I will spend time with Dad, as he is not well enough to join us for dinner this evening. Dad's decline is bringing on some depression and some bizarre thinking. We have called in some help for him and he seems grateful, but for the first time in my life, yesterday, he told me he would not talk to me and literally hung up the phone!! Very sad but I am keeping my perspective on the fact that he is also passing through this season of losing Mum, her birth anniversary and the holidays, and that is not easy. The Christmases which Mum created for our family are an indelible part of all of us. The magic and excitement, the visitors and all the specialness she imbued into each moment, are at once beautiful and painful in the absence of their creator. Their was a large community beyond our family that was touched and brought delight by Mum's creativity in the kitchen. During the entire holiday season, no one who passed through our door left without a gift of beautiful food. I can still see all the Swedish tea rings lined up on the kitchen counter, beautiful yeast cakes, filled with fruit then decorated with frosting, nuts and cherries. They were handed out to the delight of every recipient.

May a peaceful spirit descend into your lives and your eyes and hearts be widened to take in and savor beauty and delight. Merry Christmas!


One Woman's Journey said...

Marcia, thinking of you this early morning. May a peaceful spirit be in your heart, mind and soul this day. Take care my special online friend. Blessings sent your way for your life.

amy in ct said...

and merry christmas to you too!
my prayers go out to your dad, hoping that he will fair the holidays well. hope that bob is doing good too.

enjoy that teddy! love it when they are brand new, they love to be held, and we love holding them!

it has been nice getting to know you too, and i hope that your holiday is a bright one.
merry christmas.... amy

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Hi Marcia
I can appreciate that in amidst the joy and happiness of the season there is some sadness. Both my parents died 5 years ago within a few months of each other and I find that it is at Christmas when I miss them the most and catch myself saying wouldn't mom like this or dad that. I feel for your dad and for you.

But like me you have wonderful kids and you have beautiful little Teddy and that is what life is about.

Have a wonder Christmas with your family.