Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

What a lovely day! Awoke on my own, not to loud barking, only sweet Ms G to purr softly as we went through our regular routine.
When my boss arrived he brought me the lovely necklace above, that they purchased from a French artisan. The stone is an onyx. I just love it! He gleefully told me there was nary a bark to be heard at their house last night. I prefer to believe that they were so tired from the transatlantic flight that they did not hear it! LOL.

After work I had to drive to Orleans for a meeting and from the moment I stepped out the office door, I was treated to lovely sights in nature (or maybe I have just not been looking beyond myself enough lately). On the phone wires there was a pair of doves, under and back lit by the golden/pink wash of sunset. Could they have delivered the peace I felt today? As I drove toward Orleans I saw several great blue herons wading in tidal areas, also lit by the beautiful early evening light.

LM's visit with the attorney went well, still much to unfold. We are choosing to only think about a positive outcome. The details of the will are not being divulged to the niece and nephews until after the memorial service on Saturday.
Life is beginning to move forward....LM is home making a huge batch a chili tonight to take to his fishing group tomorrow.
Dad will be moved from the hospital to a nursing home in the morning. There seems to be a positive flow, and Ms G is happily having lap time! All well in the world at this moment.
Your many prayers and positive thoughts have been so helpful! Thank you.

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mrspao said...

Lots more positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.