Friday, February 13, 2009

Freaky Date with Destiny

Amidst our grief for Bob, today is a very important anniversary of sorts.....When these pictures were taken last year as we took a Sunday morning walk on Lighthouse Beach, it was about 10 degrees with 30-40 M.P.H. winds, but we were thoroughly enjoying the briskness and beauty, not to mention our love. We were fresh off our Dec-Jan two week road trip to FL,

and lovin' life, as my dear daughter always says. Little did we know, that as we breathed in that wonderful cold air, LM was experiencing the first stages of a heart attack which would cause him to "die" and be brought back on 2/13, and on Valentine's Day result in a quadruple by-pass. Obviously, LM has made a wonderful recovery and we are so so grateful to have had another year together.
This morning, I am remembering, Bob's role in his recovery and my emotional recovery, as well. He was by my side as we waited during surgery, prayed together, and got each other through, as well as LM. When LM was discharged, it was Bob who took care of LM day and night, because I finally had to return to work. Interesting how life turned that around in the past few months as LM took care of Bob through his death. We feel so fortunate to have experienced these events, as sad as they were, and are reflecting on them today. They were love at its finest.

For LM, 2/13 is a double whammy, as today is the anniversary of the death of his former partner/love, Lillian. That's a lot of sadness I've put down right here, but through each of those events has come renewal, great love and joy.

We feel that today, as we are going forward.

Seeing that LM went to VERY EXTREME methods to avoid Valentine's Day last year, we are looking forward to love fest that it is, we are such romantics at heart and are falling for it.....we will celebrate our hearts and our love with a lot of gratitude, and maybe a piece of chocolate! We will also remember, with great humility and thanks, the caring and quick action of the staff at Cape Cod Hospital who saved LM's life, and also those who very compassionately eased the end of Bob's life. I must also praise LM's wise decision to get himself to the hospital when he felt a very sharp pain in his shoulder and neck. One would not have thought a heart attack was causing that pain, and initially, it was thought to be a muscle ache; even an EKG was normal. It was the raised enzyme level on a blood test which caused concern and the decision to have LM admitted for observation. He was in a room directly across from the nurse's station when massive heart failure occured at 4 am the following morning and with very quick professional action, they were able to bring him back. The rest is history. He is with us and healthy!

Plans for a memorial for Bob are taking shape and will most likely occur in two weeks. Meanwhile, LM is making good progress doing his job as executor and getting some much needed rest, as well, as doing some cleaning in Bob's house. Bob left me a collection of antique Valentine's and they will be very poignant as I enjoy them tomorrow.
Thank, you, thank you, to all who have stopped by here and left comments or sent emails. They have helped more than you could ever know.
May your Friday the 13th be fun and a little bit freaky!!


Lorene said...

wow hard to believe its been a year.

One Woman's Journey said...

Thinking and praying for you as much comes to an end and much is going to develop. Blessings to you this Valentines Day.

mrspao said...

Hug x Hope that the memorial goes ok.