Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Attacked by a Morning Dove"

A message from Ms G.....

This morning while I waited for my mom to finish her workout (if mom would only understand that she just needs to sit all the time and be my couch), I was killing time birdwatching at the little feeder on the guest room and there I watched the goldfinches, a few chickadees and my favorite cardinal. They all seemed unfazed by my presence and the sun was filling my perch on the back of a chair, mere inches from the window that holds the feeder. All of a sudden kerplunk, a "huge" morning dove landed in the feeder, nearly scaring me to death and causing me to chatter very loudly as he sat there eating. Truly it was a major event in my day and he sure looked like a tasty morsel, alas, no matter how hard I charged the window, I couldn't catch him and the beautiful dove had a few bites and flew away. Just wanted my fan club to know how exciting life can be here. Now, if I could just get my mom to stay home all the time, better yet, if LM would come over and visit soon, my life would be purrfect. Something is up with him, not sure what, but I have a sneaky feeling my mom may be packing me up in the carrier and I may go to a new place. Oh, oh!
Headbutts, purrs, soft pats and sweet glances to all.

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