Saturday, February 21, 2009

News from the Land of Barking

Ah, yes, this masochistic woman is dog sitting AGAIN and getting little or no sleep due to barking that only begins at 2 am. Before my dear boss left for another trip to Paris, I was warned that they have called Bark Busters but help will not be arriving for a few weeks and even then it will be awhile before the problem is cured. Last night was a heyday for Ms Liza and once started at 2 she never gave up. All ideas were exhausted and so am I.
I am still feeling quite depressed and sort of "blank" interspersed with tears. I've added one more issue to try to juggle amidst all the grief. Dad was hospitalized yesterday with breathing difficulties and has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Dear son, Jason, went up to visit him today and he is quite weak. Having just experienced Bob's death, ultimately from pneumonia, it is so sad. We all know Dad is nearly 97 and is suffering from kidney failure but I am not ready to lose him right now.

Anyway, I cannot leave the Cape because of the dogs so I am relying on other family members to keep me informed. I'm keeping busy and today went over to LM's and helped him to do a lot of cleaning. Nice to be with him and he cooked me a lovely dinner of fresh flounder. YUM.

So, even though I keep thinking I will feel better, things keep pulling me down....I am just giving myself freedom to feel it, knowing full well better days are coming.

On the plus side today, while at LM's I allowed myself to look around the nice grounds and dream of a little garden, even several little gardens. We are planning to do a new rose garden in Bob's memory in which we will place some of his lovely garden statuary.


Anne said...

One word.......Eleuthera!!!!

Anne said...

One word.......Eleuthera!!!!

mrspao said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Sorry so much seems to be weighing you down and I hope for your Dad's condition to improve.

I am not sure we are ever ready to let go or that there is really such a thing as being prepared. We can just enjoy and value the presence of those we love for as long as we have them.

Good to hear you speaking of spring and planning your gardens. I have a sense that there you will find new hope and life and what a wonderful way to honor Bob.


barbara said...

I'm sorry you are going through such sad times. I'll keep your Dad (and you and LM) in my prayers. Hopefully he'll rallly and come through the pneumonia. We all need Spring to come, don't we? I feel so at low ebb right now, physically and mentally. But, at least my dog doesn't bark, so if I can't sleep at night I can't blame her. Hugs, Barbara

ByE Photos said...

I just discovered your blog through another blog I read. I'm sorry to have first found you at a difficult time. I have to say I read a good bunch of your posts and am so glad I stumbles upon you. I also noticed we read/follow a lot of the same blogs. One you might be interested in that I didn't see on your list is Artichokes & Asparagus. It's very similar to Farm Girl Fare, Gluten Free Girl, and Pioneer Woman.

I look forward to reading many more of your posts! And I truly do hope everything works out for you and your family!

Best wishes,

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Eleuthera cannot come soon enough!
Love to you all....

Thank you, Dad is doing a bit better today...grateful for your thoughts!

As always, you have such wisdom and love to was a brighter day!

How nice to find you here....I have looked at the blog you mentioned and now have it bookmarked. I love the area where you live and have visited there often. What a great job you have!Come back again.

Thank you everyone!!