Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chatham Winter Beauty

We awoke to a beautiful fresh snowfall this morning so I was out of the house early, in time to take some photos around town. I love the deep gray skies, as they create such dramatic setting for the snow. At one point during the day today, we had brilliant sunshine and everything just sparkled. Click on any of the photos to embiggen.
Looking S toward Stage Harbor Lighthouse.
One of our completed projects....
Stage Harbor
Another completed project
My favorite view....Lighthouse Beach SE
Seagulls in the sand
SE...there was a lovely strip of pink lighting the eastern horizon this morning.
These photos reflect a dramatic beginning to an emotional day.....John was returned to jail today. Very sad all the way around. He has been working full-time, supporting himself, living on his own, attending counseling and being a model citizen, BUT, the judge would not consider anything but the fact that he was found riding in a stolen car within a month of his release last June. One very STUPID move on John's part has cost him another year of his life. He will come up for parole again next February. So so sad. A hard life lesson to learn and now he must pay. It is just, except for the toll on his dear father. He will be 21 when next released.

Bob finished chemo today and tonight the discussion is on as to where he will go....home with hospice, a hospice facility or a nursing home. It will be decided tomorrow morning.

As for me, I am escaping into a movie and being a cat couch for the evening.

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Anne said...

Love the pictures, just beautiful. It's a long way from Eleuthera.