Friday, February 20, 2009

In a Trance

As I float along from day to day, doing what needs to be done, I find I am skimming....just dealing with the bare necessities, resting as much as possible and only dealing with what I can handle.
Staying at my boss's very zen-like house, affords me even more space to just zone out. The dogs have been behaving well so far, and have promised me there will be no bad stuff like the last time their "parents" went to Paris.
LM is dealing day to day, too, and is also subdued. It is OK.
The weekend is bringing a visit from Bob's niece and nephew to pick up some paperwork and clothing for the memorial service which will be held next week. Their visit creates some tension for LM and I plan to be with him at his request. I think he feel a bit "out of place" in Bob's home right now, even though he has lived there for a long time and it is Bob's wish for him to have the house and contents.
I have invites from friends to do things this weekend but just am not inclined, so will lay low.
I'll be back in a few days.....Happy weekend!

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amy in ct said...

take care and take the time you need