Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LIFE Goes On

Teddy December 24, 2008

Teddy, February 7, 2009!

As we continue the watch of Bob's decline, with not much time to get out into nature, I remembered that I had the perfect example of life going on in a most beautiful form, right on my camera. Ah, sweet happiness, sweet life: Baby Teddy!! (I will have to give up the baby prefix at some point but I'm enjoying it way too much right now!!)

LM had such a stressful day yesterday. He was at the hospital for 12 hours meeting with various medical people, and some distant relatives of Bob's who came to visit. Bob is unable to talk, and clear his lungs. We wait. I watched the caller ID on my work phone all day, waiting for "The call." Doctors said yesterday morning that Bob would not live more than 2-3 days. There should be an easier way, is all I can say.

LM urged me not to drive all the way in town to the hospital last night so I stayed home and baked!!! Seems I am morphing totally into my mother. I know she baked to cope!!
For a distraction I watched the movie, "Dreamgirls" and loved it. The music and performances were great. I'm a little behind with a lot of movies, so it was a good night to hide out in the make believe!


mrspao said...

Sorry to hear about Bob. Teddy is very sweet.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, we are so in love with little Teddy...he is a bight light right now! Bob will be at peace soon. It is sad.

amy in ct said...

teddy is so cute
you are lucky to have him as a distraction in this sad time with bob
peace and prayers to you all