Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Lease on Life

I returned to work this morning, albeit the world was a bit foggy through my still sick eyes but by the time the day ended, I felt so much better, stronger and positive. Actually, the office was like being in a battle zone, though.....victims falling everywhere, of the flu, that is. There are empty offices throughout and those who have returned look a bit tattered as I am sure I did today. In all my years of working, I can never remember flu being so pervasive in my immediate surroundings. All in all, it was so good for my spirits to be with my friends and in my normal routine.

The heart palpitations which I have been having since LM's hospitalization have continued and have been quite serious during this bout with the flu so I am seeing my physician tomorrow morning. My BP is elevated. I know it is not good.

LM had a good day today and we just had a great chat! I should not be amazed, as I have always known what a strong spirit he has, but I am in awe of his strength and focus on getting better. He sees his cardiologist tomorrow and will also get to ride to Hyannisport to get his mail from his PO box and see a bit of the world he has been missing. He is apprehensive about possibly being exposed to illness, though, and I cannot blame him. I cannot imagine him having to endure this flu in his compromised state.

Had a wonderfully long and philosophical conversation with my best friend, Sue, tonight. We go back a long way and do not get to spend near enough time together these days but we make time for long chats every few weeks and keep in touch otherwise with e-mail. We both realize how very close we are to being at a point where we have to decide how long we will/can work and what will happen to us at the point when no longer have a paycheck.......that is a subject to write about another day. Tonight we had to decide to just be grateful for each day we have right now....knowing there is not much in either of our lives which we can do differently right now.

Time for me to go to bed.....very very cold here tonight.

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Beverly said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I think you do need to visit MD after the flu, to make sure BP and Your heart is ok, too. Do you and LM live close to each other?
I know about retirement and the lack of a paycheck...well, don't know yet, but do worry about it.
Take care and keep me posted :)