Thursday, February 14, 2008

In a Split Second

In a split second life can change and today was one of those all began yesterday morning at 10 with a call from LM saying that he was driving himself to the hospital as the pain he had been having for a few days in his shoulders and arms had gotten very severe. I left work abruptly and got to the hospital within 25 minutes to find him in the ER. EKG was good, BP OK, just a very slightly elevated heart enzyme showed up in bloodwork. His Dr decided to admit him for observation and to do a stress test this morning....after a long night, I tore myself away and came home and slept for a bit. Finally at 5:30 am I was back at the hospital to find that at 4 am he had gone into full cardiac arrest and had to be shocked back. He had been moved to CCU. My whole body stated shaking as I neared him , trying not to cry and follow the Dr's advice to remain very calm because LM had experienced a very serious event. He was so glad to see me and we just had a few minutes as they were taking him for a heart cath to see what is happening in his heart. It revealed very serious blockages and he will have a quintuple by-pass tomorrow morning at 7 am. It has been a day of peaks and valleys of emotions and I do not think I can survive crying another tear....we felt like we were ripping ourselves apart when we said goodnight tonight and he has called me 3 times already. I am just amazed at how positive LM is and it is helping me so much...he has been upbeat most of the day and we have had long talks with the surgeon, a cardiologist and the anesthetist. We shared a lot of decision making....Health care proxy, DNR or not and we feel like we covered all the bases and have a good plan in place....his daughter, Meggie, best friend, Bob and myself will make any decisions necessary.
I am going to try to sleep........I have never know such a loving kind man, he is going to have his heart fixed and be better than ever!!! A Valentine's Day never to be forgotten and it will be cherished in its on I saw a side of Lou which makes me love him more than ever, had in depth conversations with his family members and mine and felt completely surrounded by love.

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Beverly said...

I am so sorry you and all his family are having to go through all of this. Just to let you know my brother had quadruple by-pass in 1991 and he is feeling fine. I talked with him today. Be strong and I pray you can get through this and all will be well.