Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Red Wings are here!

Sickness is still all consuming here. I tried to go to work this morning but never made it beyond the shower before I collapsed back in to 3+ hours of sleep. I am ready for this plague to move on!! I have things to do....love to give and feel with LM, the 1st birthday of granddaughter, Samantha, to plan for and celebrate, a loving Dad to visit, and long walks to take in the fresh air!

I was in such a fog of discomfort yesterday and this morning that I barely heard the distinct sound of the red wing blackbirds, yet their high-pitched calls reached me and took me right back to the times I have felt "saved" by that sound. I love seeing their beautiful bright red and yellow wings lighting up the winter marsh grasses as they sway and feed in the late winter breezes. Today I will take hope from their hardy spirit and stark beauty and feel that I am on the way back to feeling whole again. They symbolize relief from the darkness of all that has happened since Feb 13 and seem to be lifting me out of the fog.
LM is doing well today. He seems excited about doing his breathing exercises and the fact that the stitches from the chest drain came out today....the stitches in the big incision from his neck to his sternum are inside and will remain to hold the chest together. It feels like our conversations are bringing us back together bit by bit.

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