Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now we can have Valentine's Day - A True Celebration of our Hearts

This was the craziest day yet in the whirlwind surrounding LM's heart. Actually the morning started with the news that it would be the day for LM to go home; we waited, and waited, LM shaved and showered and walked, even climbed some stairs and felt quite good. By lunch he was really tired and settling in for a nap....still no word on discharge. Finally, around 3 they told him he would be going to a rehab hospital, OK....within half an hour, he was told no and that he would be going home to Bob's. As far as I know right now he is on the way. He will call me when he is home and settled. Evidently, the results of all his tests today revealed clear lungs, good healing and all systems "go" so home is the place and rehab will be though the VNA. It was a bit rocky and I think some pieces of the treatment fell through the cracks but I could hear the exultation when I received that last call about going home...that familiar loving lilt was beautiful music to my ears.
More later after my eyes actually see my beloved in his home and settled. WHEW!
Interesting that this all comes full circle on the full moon and the night of an eclipse. There is significance there somewhere.

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Beverly said...

A new chapter for you both to begin your new lives together. I am so glad he is home and now for rehab. My brother loved it and continues to exercise there for 17 years.