Friday, February 22, 2008

Are we on the other Side Yet??

Just may be on that other was much better for my dear LM. He had a shower and shaved early this morning after another sleepless night. In reading about conditions after heart by-pass surgery, it seems that everything which he has been experiencing is fairly common and things are basically on track. Late morning the visiting nurse, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist began arriving at their appointed times and I think all that combined to bring about a much happier and more settled feeling day. LM was almost jubilant when he called me to say he now feels as if he is on the mend and feeling much more himself and that he will sleep tonight. This is all such good news and he was even able to eat a delicious meal of baked haddock this evening. Not a lot of food but enough to make us all encouraged. His swallowing pain has eased out considerably, too.

I am staying home tonight and letting LM have uninterrupted time to rest. I will cook myself a nice dinner and let some of the stress of the past week ease away. I am looking forward to talking with my daughter from Florida and then I will gather up Ms. Graysea and cuddle up in bed to read with my dear little friend whom I am certain is wondering where her second favorite person has been these last two weeks....he is very conspicuous in his absence....the house seems hollow as this time on Friday nights we are usually sharing a nice dinner and each other's arms. This afternoon LM mentioned that he is looking forward to a visit here very soon, even if it is brief, he wants to grasp some sense of our life back.
It feels like fate has given us a good shaking up these past 10 days, and although it felt at the onset that we just could not deal with one more thing, we have come through, we have made major adjustments, and are now being guided toward whatever new challenge is in the wings. Day by day....we have to rely on the inate abilities we have, trust love and let go.

There is a storm raging outside my window tonight, yet for the first time in awhile, there is not one in my heart....just a few waves to remind me I am human - happily so!

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