Saturday, February 16, 2008


At home tonight after tearing myself away from my dear LM. Today was a day of hurdles for him. The breathing tube came out very painfully this morning about 6, he sat up after walking from the bed on his own, and we at last got to speak and be together for awhile. He is unable to focus his eyes but his first words were "my beautiful love". He is in a lot of discomfort and pain but he is on target and doing al he is told very nicely.

I have been having moments of intense heaving sobs but am mostly peaceful and sure he is well on his way to recovery. We have both been told we will run the gamut of emotions. Tonight I sat with him for nearly 3 hours, holding his hand, chatting abit to keep him awake and listening to him say "I love you" and answering the same to him...he is very humble about his near death experience.

I am beyond tired so must climb into my bed...I have heated it with my electric blanket as I have been shaking with chills all day, after all it is the first weekend in our relationship which we have not been together. We will get through this. Lots of support coming our way.
Sleep beckons and Ms G awaits the warmth of my body under the covers.

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