Friday, February 15, 2008


No sleep, but, surreally, I am functioning and nearly ready to conquer this day of challenge for LM ....he has called me twice this morning around 5....true to form, he waited to call until my normal waking time. He slept a few hours, thanks to some meds and he is ready to face the surgery. We both cried and spoke of our love, and his words before hanging up were, I cannot wait to see your beautiful face later today when I am on the way to my new healthy life.

My family, LM's family and his fishing family, as well as many school friends are calling with support and it helps so much.
So many touching moments are coming out of this. LM's former wife, was there yesterday and was very kind. She called me at 4 am today and we talked for almost an hour. She was incredibly supportive and I think there will be some major healing of more than hearts out of this trauma.

Going to work for a few hours then to the hospital to wait, maybe knit and live for the moment when I can see LM's beautiful face.


J.P. said...

My dear, I am there mentally holding your hand.
Be strong.

Beverly said...

I have been thinking about you all day. Hope everything went great. I too have been mentally holding your hand.