Friday, February 8, 2008

Letting Go

Dad is much better today. We had a nice chat tonight and he was reveling in the fact that he had been to a nearly all day celebration of the Chinese New Year which was held at his assisted living facility today. How happy I was to hear him back to his enthusiastic self. They had some very authentic Chinese food, speakers, and wonderful music which was performed by two lovely women who are evidently friends of my dear SIL. They made a special point of speaking with Dad and he loved it.
Now I feel much more relaxed. I fear I have been holding a death grip on my world and have worked hard this week to let go a bit. I know from past experience that holding on to anything too tightly eventually causes pain in ones body and soul, so I must focus on healing and soothing pursuits.
LM usually comes over on Friday evening and tonight he just cannot get here and I am almost relieved to have the time to be very quiet, exercise, read, knit and write. Tomorrow will be a busy day driving off-Cape to see Dad and have lunch with a dear friend, so LM and I agreed that he would be waiting here with open arms when I get home tomorrow. Life gives us what we need. Ms G will certainly be happy to have her "boyfriend" here tomorrow and for a little while they will be alone....there will be one happy gray cat and one happy "gray" woman, too.

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Beverly said...

Hello, I thought you were not blogging and I had stopped stopping by. I was so excited to see a comment on Farmgirl that you had left there. I came by immediately. I have caught up with you. I now have a blog, come see me.