Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nabbed by the Paparazzi

Ms G has been caught napping on the electric blanket under the down comforter! She truly has been doing an excellent job of nursing me this week, though. Everytime I wake up she is right under the covers with at least one paw touching me. Very tender little girl.
Knowing full-well that we can become what we focus upon, I decided today that I better stop telling myself how sick I am....It is time to turn this thing around......sounds good in theory, anyway.
There is some progress as the head congestion has cleared out a bit. After calling work and talking with my dear friend, Nancy, I know there are many others there who are feeling just like I do! Right now, I am focusing on seeing myself back at my office welcoming everyone as they start their days TOMORROW! I miss human contact, I miss fresh air and smiles.

Good news on the LM front today....he has been really busy and went for his first walk outside with the help of his PT, Julia. He walked down the lane beside his house and is supposed to do it everyday now. LM says Bob has a big stick with which he plans to enforce the walk routine! I could hear the difference in LM's voice....he is getting strength back bit by bit. Today they also brought him a telemetry machine with which he can check all his vital signs daily and it will transmit to the Dr's office. He has also been tending to some Cape Cod Salties' business and planning the speaker who will come from Washington, DC next month. I just bet, LM will be able to attend that meeting. He is amazing.
I spoke with Dad today and he is doing OK. He misses our visits but he understands. A 2 hour drive right now is too much and I cannot expose him to this flu. His assisted living facility was in "lockdown" for 5 days last week. He was not allowed to leave his aartment and they brought meals and left them outside the door. Sounds rather like prison to me and he was so relieved when it was lifted on Monday. He remains so positive throughout each of those challenges he faces and I am contunually amazed at how well he has adjusted to living there at the age of 95. He is such a ray of sunshine to everyone each day and goes out of his way to make others feel like he cares and is interested. He could certainly be an advocate for assisted living.
The sun has come out! Amazing what a shift in focus can do!

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