Friday, January 9, 2009

Squirrel Hunting

I am certain that anyone who leaves a pet at home during the day wonders just what they do in our absence. It is all too easy to imagine them having a secret life and heaving a sigh of relief as their owner leaves for the day, so the party can begin. Most days when I leave in the morning, Ms Graysea is cuddled tightly in the covers in my bed, and when I come home at lunch she is in the same spot. This week I have been home a few days dealing with a not so nice respiratory condition and yesterday I got to see, firsthand, some of the fun which goes on when I am at work! She launched a full-fledged squirrel hunting expedition and there was quite the racket. After a lot of effort put in to chew through the wire cage, Mr. Squirrel had moved to the top and managed to get the cover off my birdfeeder.
Below is his approach to the spot where the birdfeeder hangs, just outside my south bedroom window.
Here he jumps on and begins to chew on the wire surrounding the feed tube!Next he proceeded to the top and removed the cover, quite deftly, by the way, but I missed that action with the camera. I scared him away and brought the feeder inside. One angry squirrel began to bang on the window and Ms G was quite intrigued.
Here they are, eye to eye.
As he began to travel along the outside window sill, she was batting at the window.
It was a noisy and funny scene as the squirrel really began to get agitated....he could see the feeder but not reach it through the glass. Finally he took off. Now I must change the feeder location because he has quite the scheme going to get to it. I will move it to the east window where there is no way to get up to it.
Fun and games, Ms G style, and a momentary break for me from the pain, coughing and sore throat.


aliceinparis said...

Congratulations! You are a winner! But you always knew that, right?
Pop over and see:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Anne said...

I think you should leave the feeder outside, and refill as necessary, just for her enjoyment. We do need to keep them happy.

Julie said...

Our cat enjoys snapping and clacking (is there suce a word?) at the squirels and woodpeckers that go to the feeder...Her routine is to do that till about 11am, then she buries herself under the comforter, then gets up around 4pm to wait for her people to arrive home from work.
If by chance we are home for the day, her whole routine is thrown off. (God forbid!)
She paces back and forth and doesn't know what room to settle in when we are home.
Love them don't we? Have a great weekend.

amy in ct said...

she has WAY more fun at home than you do working any day :)
aahhh the life of the cat....

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