Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Plague Lingers

Can't quite get rid of the plague that has laid me low this week. Thought I would be better enough
to see Dad today but not to be. This has been a weird cold which started in my throat and ears, traveled to my chest, causing a bad cough, and yesterday moved to my head causing painful sinus and non-stop runny nose, while still coughing. My head is in a vise. Oh, well, this too shall pass, but my ability to focus on much more than where are the tissues, water and throat lozenges, is nil. One wish would be to turn off the guilt machine which keeps wending its haunting ways into what consciousness I have and nagging me about not seeing Dad, needing to go to the store, finish projects, cook something for Bob & LM, etc. I just need to rest, but the haunting will not stop. Ah, the life of the caretaking woman.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and may you escape this plague!!


Karina Allrich said...

So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Rest and nurture yourself. Without guilt. Self care is as important as any other form of caretaking. [Wish I could send over s bowl of hot chicken soup!] xox

amy in ct said...

yes, rest and take dont want to give this to dad anyway, it would be harder for him to get over it.
just hang out with a cup of tea by the window and watch the is just starting here in windsor.

islaygirl said...

The best way to take care of those who need you is to take care of yourself first. xx feel better.

technology said...
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