Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dog Weary

Sammy & LizaI really, really LOVE cats!! Having just completed my last night attempting to sleep at my boss's house, I am very much looking forward to being at home tonight, cuddled with Ms G, knowing I will have a bark-free night. No more having to stagger out of my warm spot, walk across cold bare floors in a huge house to let those critters out at 1:30 am, 3:30 am etc. I have no idea why there was so much turmoil with them the past two nights, but maybe they picked up on the storm raging in my body, mind and spirit. There is just way too much happening, and the battle to catch the life ring is daunting.

I'll be back when I am "on shore" again. I have many to help, a full-day of work to do, and one more visit to the dogs.

On a positive note, when the dogs woke me, and I struggled to get back to sleep, I used that waking time to reach a meditative spot which helped release my mind a bit from the fray and that infernal "committee" which can take up session in my thoughts. They do argue a lot and have a knack for bringing up worries from all sorts of angles. By using meditational breathing and focusing on my breath, I was at least able to adjourn the meeting in my mind.
Peace and positive thoughts to all.

On the humorous side....when the picture above of my doggie charges was taken, my friend, Sue was visiting and they were at full attention as she made her new I-Phone bark! It was very funny. Shortly after the photo was taken they went charging to all the windows to find "the dog."

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Anne said...

They are trouble but boy are they cute! Hugs to you and Graysea.