Thursday, January 29, 2009

Explanation for the All-Night Barking Spree

My wonderful, and very funny boss, Peter, has returned from a delightful trip to Paris with his wife, and he tells me that the dogs gave him the scoop on why they barked all night on seems their dog sitter (aka moi) and a visitor were teasing them all day on Saturday with a "big dog barking" sound on an I-Phone. Pay back is , well you know!
Sammy and Liza got the "last bark."

Very icy this morning and I have a bad headache. Stumbling around trying to gather myself together and get to work. Big project presentation and high energy in the office will spur me on.

P.S. Just got to work and dear boss laughingly says the dogs have not barked once since their "parents" have returned.....there surely must be something about me which encourages dogs to bark!!

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janet said...

Funny...once you catch up on your sleep! Our two labs bark like that when coyotes pass through the yard, so we don't let them out if they bark. When they tap us on the shoulders, we take them out.

Here in North Eastham the strong winds must have dried our puddles before they our yard, anyways.