Sunday, January 11, 2009


Because it is just after 5 am on Sunday morning, I cannot sleep, and my brain is so addled that I cannot think beyond surviving the next spasm of coughing, I present the Mousecapade photos, perfectly caught by my sister-in-law, Trish, on Christmas Eve Day. The main characters are Bob (AKA my Mom in a cat suit) the 25 lb. tabby & white Manx, and Harley, the ragdoll. These two characters spent about 8 hours playing with the mouse and never killed him. I saw part of it in action, as I wrote on Christmas Day or thereabouts, but Trish was able to take these photos throughout the day. When I showed these pictures to my cat friends a work, they thought it was a toy mouse...oh, no, my friends, this is a really cute real mouse. I actually saw the mouse sit up calmly on his back legs and go nose to nose with not available at that moment.

Point of entry??Moving into the dining room, and help arrives....

We are an easily entertained family....
Bob is allowed outside during the day and he kills many, many critters he finds - chipmunks are his favorite, but indoors he will not kill!! He has even faced off with a huge tom turkey who had the audacity to walk in his driveway.

Now returning to coughing and resting. At least I am knitting. I have 6 rows done on the "Just Enough Ruffles Scarf" which I am making with the beautiful, shades of red Manos merino wool sent to me by SIL, Jenni.


amy in ct said...

where did the mouse come from, was it one in the house or was it a pet, i dont get it?

thanks for your comments, i hope your cabin fever goes away soon and that cough too.

and i hope you see LM too as well.

Jennifer said...

You didn't tell me Bob had help. Pretty strange.

jacker said...
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