Sunday, January 18, 2009

From Freeze Frame to Slow Motion

Warming up here but I am sort of in hibernation mode. The illness I had last week still has a bit of a grip on me and the cough persists. I'd planned to visit Dad today but he called and said not to come as he is so worried about getting sick from a visitor. We had a nice conversation and I was heartened knowing he has a nice schedule of activities today.

Mixed in with the recovery is a deep sadness after visiting LM and Bob last night. On one hand, it is so beautiful to see the loving care he is receiving from LM, but on the other, he is so frail and can hardly move without assistance. This once vibrant pilot, who I am sure could have executed the same safe landing in the Hudson we all witnessed this week, is a mere shadow of himself. (in fact, he did make landings like that when flying in Vietnam) It is life, I know. I find myself beating down my desire to tell LM how much I miss "our" time together, time to walk, be close and loving in our own special way. As always, with him, I didn't have to say it, he said it for me.....he knows, but he also knows, he cannot be anywhere else.
We did all share a delicious dinner which gave me great joy to prepare....baked swordfish, baked stuffed potatoes, and a pretty assortment of fresh veggies. Thus, I must focus on me and what I can do to keep myself strong during this interlude, and stay in the day by reining in my thinking.
So today, I am staying in, and maybe or maybe not, cleaning, exercising, reading, or cooking. I am going to just be! I have another day off tomorrow to do whatever I want.........limbo.....maybe bring a movie to Bob and LM. After all it is winter and I could even take a nap!!

It is so exciting to be waiting to see the inauguration this week. Yesterday, I was at my local knitting shop and I saw the most beautiful moment between two women, who had obviously worked on Obama's campaign....they spotted each other, flew into each others arms and began to cry tears of happiness. They had both torn themselves away from coverage of the train journey from PA to DC to come to the great sale at the yarn shop. After a long tearful embrace, they held each other at arm's length, and exclaimed, isn't it the most wonderful moment in our lives?" I think there were very few dry eyes in that tiny shop. I paid for my Noro and Addi's and was on my way, feeling very, very grateful for having been there at that moment, and for living at this time in our history. The beauty in everyday!!
For my dear, SIL...I add this picture of the LYS purchase! (2 skeins).
From that beautiful moment I moved on to take a few photos of the sparkly frigid day.
Stage Harbor Pier looking East

From Stage Harbor Pier...a wintry view of Sand Dollars, a beautiful house built by my company.
Heading toward the lighthouse and crossing the Mitchell River Bridge....Boats frozen in, no shellfishing today.
From the other side at Mitchell River. When you click to enlarge this photo, the trees visibly bend toward the northeast....evidence of how often the southwest winds blow here! There is a beautiful old sea captains house in the trees.

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Beverly said...

I know you see snow so much, but, my sons, especially my youngest one would love for us to have some snow. We had snows at least once each winter when they were young. I guess global warming has some part in it.

I love your pictures. That captain's house is not "my" honeymoon house, is it???