Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to "Normal" and a Special Visit with Di-Di

Oh, it felt so good to be back to my usual schedule today. Everyone around me seemed so happy, too. The day started off with everything encased in ice. I attempted to step out the door to get my paper at 5:30 and pulled my foot back in quickly, as I began to slip. After waiting an hour, the temps were up enough to allow a very careful journey to the car to run it for a bit. The doors were iced shut but I was able to free it without too much fuss. The paper was still beyond my reach on the ice and not worth the risk. By 7:50 most was melted and I was on my way to work.

Today was the day that LM appeared in court with John. The case has been continued until January 23, but that is a good thing as John is doing a great job right now. He is working every day, attending counseling, reporting to his parole officer on time, etc, so we are very hopeful that the continuance means they are giving him a little more rope to see if he stays the straight and narrow course. Great relief for LM and John, and me, as well.

This morning Teddy went to see the pediatrician and he is now back to his birthweight and pronounced thriving! After that visit Jason & Alison continued north to Hingham to visit Dad for the first time.
Below is a moment we thought we might never see. Baby Teddy was finally in the arms of his wonderful great grandfather, affectionately known in our family as Di-Di.Cousin, Nate has a turn holding Teddy
A beautiful family photo taken by my dear sister-in-law, Trish. Makes my heart sing & cry tears of joy!


Jerri said...

So very happy to hear of John and LMs day. They (and you) have been in my prayers and will remain so.

And how beautiful to see the generations gathered.

A very happy New Year to you all.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you so much for the prayers and kind comments. It is day to day with John and takes a lot of vigilance on LM's part. He amazes me with his love and calm devotion to his children. They had a very rough start in life and have only had LM. A big challenge. I am blessed to have his love, too!
Your writing is so beautiful!

amy in ct said...

such wonderful posts, that teddy brings joy where ever he goes, huh?
i like hearing about your 'long distance' relationship with LM because it is very similar to my relationship with jim... we dont see each other much but rely on the phone and email alot and even tho it is not a real long distance (only about 25 miles) it sometimes feels like it.
good luck with your braceletes, i have to post some of my stuff on my blog so people can see it.... like i said in my post today, jewelry is my job, but the other crafts are just a fun outlet
take care and be careful tomorrow, more ice on the way!

splendid said...

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Poppy said...

I got a little misty eyed seeing the photos of young Teddy in his great grandpa's arms...such precious photos. Such precious memories.