Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lessons from the Infirmary

Ahhh, a tiny bit of health is returning to this aged wreck......along with it appreciation for some very minor victories:

the ability to speak a sentence, albeit in a croaking voice, without coughing to near choking.
swallowing without cringing
sleeping for hours at a time, not being awakened by headache, etc
return of a modicum of hope (my life can SEEM very bleak when I get sick and am alone)
tasting some lovely raspberries on my oatmeal
returning to my friends at work
maybe seeing LM, at long last, as we are missing each other terribly.....there was no way we could risk transporting this plague to the VERY frail Bob.

In many ways this has been a very "strange" interlude as I did not have TV in the background, only community radio with music once in awhile. I worked on knitting, did some reading when the headache allowed, and watched several movies which happened to be hanging around for just such a time. Mostly I slept and ENJOYED the silence, Ms G ever vigilant on my lap or by my side. Out of these things, come time for thought, a rarity it seems during the holidays. I'd been going at such a hectic pace, perhaps my body knew better what I needed, but, please, next time, choose a kinder way to make me rest!!
There is still a way to go, as an exhaustion is hovering over me and the cough persists. A few more days, I think. By midday yesterday at work, I was struggling to make it to 5, but I did!!
Trying to focus on the recovery.

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