Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ms Graysea has a Visitor

Most nights when I arrive home from work, Ms G is curled up in the little nest I have for her on my bed. She stays in the nest until I come in and put my face down and give her a hug and a kiss. She loves this little moment as much as I wait for it all day.....I know, I know...I'm crazy, but I love my little girl. LM has adopted this same routine with her, too, and for the last two months he's been missing in action while caring for Bob. Every night when we talk about the day on the phone, we have to do a rundown on her activities. Very sweet. He misses our little moments with Ms G, as well as everything else we shared. I cannot say that I am sailing through this time without is painful and lonely and there seems to be no end in sight right now. We both allow ourselves the sadness but then lift out of it and find peace in doing the right thing.

Anyway, when I arrived home from work, Ms G got her usual hug and I headed to the guest room to check out the window birdfeeder and there was a delightful surprise....a love note taped to the TV screen, next, as I went to turn on the table lamp, there was another note tucked up near the switch.......then I knew...LM had come to visit Ms G and left me notes......10 of them all over the house, including inside the refrigerator and under my pillows. It seems he had a break from caring for Bob (the VNA was visiting) and he took that opportunity to come to the local fish market to buy fish for their dinner. Even though I was at work, he knew he had to stop by and see Ms G, get his fix of kitty love and leave me some love, too.
Despite all LM has distracting him these days, and there is much more than caring for Bob, he finds time each day to remind me why I love him with all my heart.

To bed early for me tonight as the cold/cough/sinus sickness I had a few weeks back seems to be making a reappearance. Rest is called for!

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Julie said...

How sweet! My kitty waits for me to come home and once she is assured I am in the door she goes back to watching the yard from the diningroom window. They have their routines, and we adapt to them. (seriously cats train us, we do not train them!)
So glad that LM stopped bye and left you little love notes. That took time and thought from him, and that makes it even more special.
Feel better.