Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freeze Frames

There have been freezes in every direction these days: spending, salaries, some relationships, it seems in every direction, right now even the air is frozen here in NE...just a bit colder than the usual. Last night when I got the call from FL that daughter, Anne, was canceling her trip to visit with us this weekend It was yet another, freeze, at least in my plans. She is staying home to care for her family which is in several crises right now. The health of her father-in-law is in deep peril, and her son, Jared is in a crisis with his college life. As I prepared to sleep after talking with Anne for a long time last night, I realized that this "freeze" in plans, is an event of the kind I have often wished for (be careful what you wish for, girl!!) in my life....."stop the ride, I want to get off" seemed like the perfect time to think very clearly and just be. A gift of sorts to reflect, plan and rest, even though not being with my dear, dear daughter is so hard.

This feeling is one I have been hearing often from people who are laid-off right now. They are re-thinking and simplifying their lives, examining ways to make their lives sleeker and more functional. Using the time not working to make connections with people they may have been dropped by the wayside in the rush to make money and stay in a job. They are focusing on their emotional and physical health, keeping their families secure and even having time to help others cope in this temporarily uncertain time.

Anne is doing an admirable job of helping her loved ones to rise above the dire matters facing them right now. She is a very strong and courageous woman, wise enough to listen to, absorb and admire the wisdom of her own children, and make the correct decisions for herself and family. If this freeze in plans had not happened, I may not have had time to really listen to what was so important for her and her family. We will see each other soon, we have daily internet contact, and nothing can break our bond as mother, daughter and best of friends!

Certainly, my life with LM is in the deep freeze (only in the fact that we cannot be together as we would like....our love is burning brightly!)right now as he pours all his energy into the day to day care of Bob. I visited them last night and felt so confident that everything possible is being done to keep Bob comfortable and happy. He was thrilled with all the goodies I brought. I love to cook and bake so much, so invariably there are treasures to be pulled from my freezer when needed. Bob is a frail 129 lbs right now, and before surgery in early February to remove a large bladder tumor, he has been ordered to gain weight. Last night, I brought apple pie, meatloaf, brownies and some decadent cinnamon rolls (Bob's true fave). LM has his orders to use butter on everything, and to give Bob lots of ice cream. May sound "unhealthy", but those things will give Bob a cushion of weight he desperately needs. At least I know they were made with whole and mostly organic ingredients and not from "junk". Those treats were in my freezer to prevent me from eating them!!
My son and wife, as they enjoy their new baby, Teddy, are also in a "freeze pattern." It is really serendipitous that Jason was laid-off two weeks before Teddy was born. They are all home together, soaking up the joy, and giving love to their beautiful child. Jason has remained positive and I have never seen him so happy. He will be returning to work in March, after giving his son the gift of his unwavering presence. A beautiful thing to see.

This morning, we are facing a dangerously cold day in the deep freeze and snowy, but my heart will feel warm and happy, knowing the people I love, although not with me, are doing so much to help and comfort others.
It is not an easy time......but we all have a choice each day as to how we will think, act, and react.
There is a lot of hope in my scope right now!!

....and snow, too!

Hope everyone is warm and safe.

The view from my window this afternoon at work.......


Anne said...

The roller coaster is still rolling this evening but I do see the merry-go-round coming closer and I do think it may be time to hop on for a ride.

Beverly said...

it is pretty cold here in the South...20's. Keep warm...

Jerri said...

This is a beautiful example of acceptance. I'm sending warm thoughts regarding all your freezes. May you continue to be warm despite the cold.