Monday, October 20, 2008

The Week that Was....Ephemera, etc.

The full moon from my front steps at 6:00 am one morning last week.....could that be why there was so much weird stuff happening????
Ms G tries to climb out the window, wondering why???? There was a downy woodpecker BANGING on the window frame just beyond her nose. She was very busy trying to figure a way to get at that little feathered friend. He visits quite often but I cannot get a photo because of the angle. I am thinking of putting a suet cage in the tree there to stop him from drilling holes in the house!
Crossing the Hudson River in NYC on a glorious Saturday. Our car trip was really fun....went to bed very early Friday night, knowing I had to arise about 4 am to be at LM's house by 5:30 to begin our journey. All went perfectly, although I do not know how he keeps going. He had not returned from his Friday trip to Long Island until nearly 11 pm and only got a few hours sleep. When I arrived at his house in the darkness of Saturday morning, there he was to guide me into the drive to park in an out of the way place, and quickly we were off in his car to Hyannis to pick up the nice Chrysler we were to drive to New Jersey to pick-up a Chevy SUV in Kearny. In honor of the fact that I have no memory of ever driving through NYC, we went that way....neither of us had ever driven in such crazy, dangerous traffic. We saw at least 4 huge and terrible accidents, one in RI which completely closed down Rte 95.
After we picked up the second car in Kearny, NJ, me now following LM in the original car, we headed north, in tandem....keeping attached with our walkie-talkies, we got on the Garden State Parkway, bound for a stop in Ramsey, NJ at the home of the sister of LM's late partner. There we found they have a sweet new kitten, Ms. Maggie. As you can see, LM's great cat karma worked with Maggie. She has beautiful coloring....gray and cream... poor baby was found at about 3 weeks of age under the steps of a local camp and is now dearly loved by Mara and her partner, Chris! After a short visit there, we were on the road again, headed north. More crazy traffic and that made it tough for us trying to stay together and I think a bit stressful for LM as he watched my every move in the rearview mirror, nervous we would become separated. I assured him that I am a very confident and relaxed driver. One of the most beautiful parts of the trip was on the Merritt Parkway northeast across southern CT. The foliage was just amazing and the Parkway seems like it is running through the woods of an old English estate. There are beautiful bridges, many with ornate designs and there is nothing commercial visible from that road, not even homes are to be seen, just deep woods. Again, there were accidents and crazy drivers so we were very vigilant while trying to enjoy the scenery. LM drives long distances almost everyday of the week and he said he has never seen a day like Saturday...not only were there numerous bizarre accidents but road rage, people taking terrible chances and weaving in and out of lanes at very high speeds. We even saw a car overturned against gas tanks at a gas station along Rte 95 in CT. We were very happy to get home. We did make a fun stop at Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, CT and that is where I found this beautiful tree and decided to leave all my stress of the week behind as we walked along, visiting with some llama and goat babies and some beautiful flowers.
Morning glory beauty at Bishop's Orchards
On the road again on the home stretch in CT as the sun was beginning to set. That is LM quite a ways ahead of me. The sun really lit the foliage beautifully. A stormy Chatham scene yesterday morning. An ocean storm has been churning right off our coast for several days and we were captivated by the force of the wind and the wild ocean. The dramatic sky says it all.
Well, that is a little tour of the weekend and here I am on Monday night....bracing myself for the fact that the major oral surgery will be done on Wednesday. I have no idea how it will affect me but the Dr has ordered some heavy painkillers and anti-biotics, and I have LM lined up to take me and bring what is left of me home. I am focusing on staying calm and matter of fact about all of this and when the call came with Wednesday's appointment I was relieved it would be done so quickly.
Stay tuned.......


Beverly said...

I love taking all the trips with you.
I especially enjoy the photos...
Do not worry too much about oral surgery....I will send prayers

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photos from your trip and also the ones of the ocean at Chatham. I don't think you can ever get tired of looking at the ocean, it is always changing, never the same from one moment to the next. I'll keep you in my thoughts on Wednesday and pray that the procedure will have a successful result.