Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seattle Smiles

Midweek levity, here.....
Some funny photos from the Seattle sisters' reunion.....out and about the town.Funky chicken in a W. Seattle bookstore
A Jeep adorned with a permanently affixed brass dragon of sorts.....parked near the Experience Music Project.
Nephews, Ian and John having a great time at the Experience Music Project Dining room.....some of the best food of the trip was to be had here....cheesy/garlic french fries will live in my memory for a LONG time, and on my hips, too, but they were WELL worth it.
Sign found at the Cupcake Cafe in W. Seattle

The Fremont Troll....quite a guy....he lives under a highway bridge in the Fremont section of Seattle....he is clutching a Volkswagon Beetle.

There were so many wonderful moments on the many laughs, so many meaningful conversations. I love my sisters so much!!!

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