Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post Surgery and Good Luck

I just got news that yesterday afternoon at 2 pm my son had an accident which was nearly of epic proportion, nearly, I say. He was driving a gasoline tanker carrying 9000 gallons of fuel. As he attempted to make a turn after making a marina delivery in a tight neighborhood, the truck jack-knifed and tipped over on a hill in a residential neighborhood very near a hospital. The area was evacuated and Jason (uninjured) had to stay in the cab with his foot on the brake for two hours as they waited for stakes to be placed to secure the truck from moving. Fortunately, not a drop of fuel spilled but the trailer fender missed puncturing the tank by 1/16". WHEW. Needless to say, we are all pretty shaken about what could have been. He has been driving for a long time and this is his first accident.
Oddly enough, I read about this accident in this morning's paper but there was no name of the driver or the company listed. That was the first thing I checked, as I do worry about him hauling gasoline everyday. Glad I didn't know about it yesterday.

On to my recovery:
Hoping the worst is behind me. Surgery was 3 hours and I was aware of what was happening...not fun. LM dropped me off at 10:15 and I expected Bob to pick me up but there was LM when they led me out to the waiting area. Tears of joy!
He brought me home and tucked me in and I slept the rest of the day, that is when I wasn't throwing up....or wretching. That feeling persists along with bleeding.
Just ate my first food in 39 hours....some cooked multi-grain cereal. Could only take in less than 1/4 cup. I am being vigilant about rinsing with the anti-biotic and salt rinses.
Hopefully, my strength will come back today.
Talking is still an effort but that will improve. No bottom teeth makes it tough, too. They will not be back for almost 2 weeks.
Oh well....thank you everyone for all the support. Each minute that passes is toward recovery. The sun is shining and I am hoping to take a little walk this afternoon to get some air.
Ms G is being a very good nurse, if not a bedhog.

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barbara said...

It is good to have the surgery behind you and begin to concentrate on healing. I thought of you often yesterday and said a prayer when I did. I'm happy to know that Ms. G and LM are taking such good care of you! You have such a positive attitude and you are a role model for me.