Friday, October 3, 2008

Old Village Roses

When I first moved to Chatham in 2000, this house was abandoned and boarded up. It was really sad spot in the Old Village which is full of lovingly maintained examples of very early-Chatham architecture. Weeds grew tall and the house was becoming shrouded with overgrown shrubs. Along came a family with foresight who painstakingly restored this beautiful house, lifting it and making a new foundation, then carefully bringing new life to brighten this prominent corner on the way to the Lighthouse. A lively young family appears to enjoy this place now as a summer retreat. They have planted very conservative gardens, seemingly to replicate what gardens of yesteryear might look like, and to allow play areas. I love it that there are always roses late into the fall. They do seem to love the sea air and become rejuvenated in the Fall.....seems to apply to me, too. Sending some along to all of you today. It is a glorious crystal clear morning.
Off to the lighthouse and then work!

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