Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kristi's Birthday and Aliens Afoot

Today was a picture perfect day in Chatham and I was up early to put the finishing touches on the preparation for Kristi's birthday celebration. Still feeling quite a bit under the weather with terrible pain and weakness in my left leg, but I managed to get through the day. The pain is beginning to really wear me down and I have a full day of walking ahead of me tomorrow when I visit a dear friend in Provincetown.
Anyway, here are a few shots taken throughout the day. We got down to the village in time to see the Budweiser Clydesdales and their very cute dalmation, parade through town. We followed that with a drive around to see some of the current projects being built by the company I work for, and to take some pictures near the ocean, and also to give the company a tour of my office.

I must say that Ms G was a purrfect hostess today.....event though she seems a bit peeved in this photo and seemed to be complaining about aliens afoot, she was quite social and playful with everyone, and she got loads of pats and play time with her dear LM.
Proud Dad and daughter on her 40th!
The table set for dinner

Can you tell I was smiling at LM....his foot in the corner tells it all.

Jason, Kristi, Alison (with my new grandchild), Moi, on the church lawn in the village waiting for the Clydesdales to parade by. A perfectly beautiful Fall day and there were thousands lined up for the parade.
The beautiful horses and the very cute dog

Proud Daddy presents the cake to Kristi....oh, and it was a totally pink strawberry cake! As many aphasics are, Kristi is fixated on colors and she is VERY definite about which colors are "good" and which colors are NOT. Everytime she sees me she gives me a grade from A+ - F- reflecting her feeling about what color I am wearing....yesterday it was B+ for navy blue but F- for the gray sweater is all pretty funny but I do notice that I try to wear colors which please her. Thus the strawberry cake....stawberries in the cake itself, filling made with fresh berries, and the totally strawberry frosting. She LOVED it. Of course, green is her MOST favorite after pink thus the green wishes on the cake. I just made the recipe up so no recipe to pass along. It was really delicious, though.

Out go the candles. I hope her every wish comes true...she is a dear person to me!

Sadly, LM just left to take Kristi home and we will not have any more time together this weekend. It is OK. Tomorrow he has to address a large group about the pending angler registry legislation. He has not been home at all this week and has so much to do. To be honest, I am in such pain that I am better off here with a DVD to watch.
Parting was tearful and LM whispered in my ear that we must carve out time just for us. SOON. WE WILL! Our love is so precious. In a phone call after he dropped Kristi off at home, he said he was brought back to center and missing me terribly when he realized just how good it felt when I touched the nape of his neck at sometime during the day today. We've both said since the beginning of our love that touch is our favorite thing and when we are too far from each other it is is quite conspicuous in its absence. He always has a way of saying things like that to remind me of exactly why I love him so much.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your knee pain - can you get on short term disability via work?

So nice to see Kristi, LM and your family all celebrating her birthday. A lovely blending of families.