Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ms G celebrates Saturday and a Visit from her "Aunt Anne"

Ms. G had a very exciting weekend as she had another of her favorite people in-house and she got lots of extra attention. Her people were rewarded by many of her cute antics. Anne arrived on Friday night and we were all pretty tired and settled in for bed, eagerly anticipating our day together on Saturday. It was just so much fun to share some of my regular routine with my daughter. Below is a tender shot of Ms G waking up next to "her boyfriend"....during the night he had tucked her in under a quilt and she stayed there all night. He stays awake half the night patting her and waking me to tell me how touched he is by her cuddling and purring. VERY SWEET! It reminds me of a loving father staying awake to watch his baby sleep.
After a leisurely breakfast - we could just talk and talk for hours on end....we got ready to go out and about. LM was off to do his own errands for the day and he took this photo in front of my house before he left.
Next we were off to the final Orleans Farmers Market of the season....sob, sob...we got honey, beautiful greens and a few other items. Next up was visiting a number of the projects my company is working on right now. Below is the sun room of a very dramatic new house we designed and are building in N. Chatham. Next photo is the view out to Pleasant Bay from that sunroom. As you can see, it was a glorious day!

After a nice tour, some more errands and visiting some shops in Chatham Village, we came home to prepare a nice dinner together. LM was soon with us again and we had a delicious meal of all local food - locally caught flounder, and potatoes and greens from Barnstable. While we were eating Ms G was in one of her favorite chairs watching us intently, and she also did a fair share of rolling around on the floor and playing with LM while we were eating. When she wants his attention, she reaches up and softly taps his arm.
Finally, the day ended with the event Anne said must be part of our visit: we all watched the Sex and the City movie, while we ate tiny bites of treats from the local French bakery. As you can see, Ms G was very happy to have Aunt Anne to cuddle with while we watched the movie. We all loved it and tears were shed! LOL I had never seen the series until a few months ago when Anne and a friend at work insisted I had to watch it, but I was told I could not see the movie until Anne was here to share it. I followed orders and it was such fun to share the movie, and LM never said a word about what shallow women we are!!!
PS. The quilt Anne is laying on is one I made many years ago as I was recovering from cancer surgery. It makes me feel really happy and grateful to still be able to look at it and enjoy it everyday on the guest room bed.

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