Saturday, October 18, 2008

Into the Fall

This beautiful tree greeted me as I arrived at my post office one day this week. Already its leaves have begun to fall and the top is now bare, but there is more and more of this same beauty popping up everywhere this week.
Right now it is just after 4 am - LM and I are just about to hit the road for another of our we are off to northern New Jersey. As usual, we are both thrilled to have the opportunity to get paid and to have fun, explore new places and best of all, be together!!
As we head south from our beloved Cape today we literally will be driving into Fall as the areas south of us get their color later than MA. So as I seek the perfect spot to divest myself of the worry over physical challenges brought to me this week, I will look up, and ahead and see nothing but new views, beauty and things of interest which I hope to impart here soon! We will be on the hunt for orchards and fruit this trip, maybe some cider and donuts, too!

Of course, the great purveyor of even more guilt is staring me down as I type so I must go and comfort the adorable little fur person, make her a nest in my bed, leave her a few treats and quietly slip out the door......bad cat Mom!! LOL

Happy weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great day for your trip. There are several apple orchards nearby my home and oh, those freshly picked crisp fall apples are great. I made a yummy apple-blackberry crisp with them last weekend.