Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Waiting for Tomorrow to be OVER

Time seems to be standing still in anticipation of the surgery tomorrow morning. I had a mini meltdown of frustration tears at lunch time today but it passed and I was able to get back to work and have a pleasant afternoon, even though one of my favorite work friends was let go today. The company has been reorganizing of late and there have been some unsettling changes. The business world is tightening its belt everywhere and the cinch hurts at times.
Everything is in place for tomorrow. I have shopped and have liquid nourishment ready, which I will need for about two weeks. LM is lined up to drive me, and our friend, Bob will gather me up when it is over as LM has a committment. I will be in good hands. Of course when I get home and tucked in to sleep off the anesthesia, I will have my dear Ms G to cuddle and soothe my spirits.

My focus is on several nice events coming up and a trip to Saratoga Springs to visit with a very good friend so I will keep my focus ahead.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and comfort today. I will update you as soon as I can.

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