Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taking a Chance on Love

Back in the early Spring of this year, my talented architect friend and co-worker, Jeff (shown below with my beloved LM), was chatting with me one day about his disappointment and frustration with the dating world and how he had thought he'd met someone just right but then she suddenly dropped out of his life after a fairly short time. I listened and empathized from my vantage point of having been through many relationships, and I promised him that as long as he remained positive and open, someone worthy would come along. That was on a Thursday.Meanwhile, the following night, I had a date to meet a group of women friends for dinner and to attend a musical performance at a local Cultural Center. At dinner, I sat across from Laurie, whom I had met when I took a class for women living single last Fall. Ironically, I had signed up for that class a month before LM and I took our friendship to another level and began dating, but I decided to go through with my commitment to the class anyway. Laurie is 37, and a teacher at the same school where I worked for many years before moving to Chatham, and also where I met LM 20+ years ago. So, that night at dinner, Laurie and I decided to share a bottle of Reisling, and we began talking about her disillusionment with dating. Suddenly, I recalled the conversation I'd had with Jeff the day before and my mind started spinning....I ran all I knew about Laurie through my mind, weighed it against what I knew about Jeff, and knew instinctively that I MUST introduce these two. Never having played matchmaker before, I was very apprehensive, but my intuition told me this was right. As the evening went on, I began to tell Laurie about Jeff and she was very interested, asking lots and lots of questions. By the end of the evening she'd given me her dating profile location on the internet, saying Jeff could look and see what he thinks, and when I got to work on Monday, I shared the info with Jeff. He was really open and said he would look at her site. His reaction was very favorable, they e-mailed a bit and then talked on the phone. Before they could have a date in person, Jeff seriously injured his achilles tendon and was sidelined for quite some time. Laurie tells me now that she thought he was trying to beg off, using the injury as an excuse. I tried very hard to stay neutral, step back and let things happen the way they were meant to be, but the glow on Jeff's face everyday was too much - they were talking on the phone and getting to know each other. He could not contain his joy and had to share it with me. As soon as was humanly possible they had their first date and I think I can safely say it was love at first sight. Jeff's face told the whole story the first time I saw him after that date. I was in tears. Many months later, they are deliriously happy and are having the times of their lives. They both love the outdoors, hiking with their dogs, camping and boating. They have even bought a boat together! Their families have met, and things could not be happier for this "perfect couple", Jeff and Laurie:

Last Saturday night they treated LM and I to a lovely dinner and a bottle of Reisling to thank me and to celebrate their love. I was tearful with joy the whole evening. You just never know where life will take you, why, etc. This was one time, I knew I was in the right place at the right time and I listened to my intuition, just as my mother had told me I should do! I understand that LM and I will be front row and center at their wedding when it takes place!
Oh, and recently Jeff acquired the sweetest black and white long-haired Border Collie...Windy. She is so precious and has made a huge hit with Laurie's dog, Gracie. I think they have the start of a happy little family.