Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happiness and Color Shining Through my Clouds

Meet my beautiful daughter-in-law, Alison! Through my still fuzzy post-surgical fog, I attended a lovely baby shower held for Alison on Saturday and it was well worth the two hour trip! Kristi and I drove up together and she was so excited to present Alison with her specially chosen Winnie the Pooh gifts! The baby, their first, is due December 9 and after yesterday's lovely shower, I would say they are more than ready to welcome my 6th grandchild!
Squirrel's have a quirky humorous significance in our family, so this smile of recognition knew she was about to open a gift from me. This cute squirrel came all the way here from Seattle with me just for this occasion.
My energy waned quickly throughout the day but knowing I would see LM, I was able to make the long drive home. Last night LM and I were on house sitting duty for my boss, so we packed up a few things and headed the short distance to care for our doggie friends, Liza and Sammy. It was a wild night as we had very heavy rains, wind and t-storms, but we were happily together and even managed to stay awake long enough to re-watch "A Fish Called Wanda" for the umpteenth time and it still makes us laugh just as hard. We went to bed with the plan that we would take a drive to Provincetown today, walk the town and enjoy the late fall color on the dunes. My low energy did threaten the plan but we set out anyway and managed to have a really nice day. I was just determined to spend some time outdoors breathing in the beauty of Cape Cod in November. The photos aren't the best but there was a lot of color to be seen everywhere we turned and then we walked Commercial St which was full of its own brand of diverse and wonderful "local" color. After a stop for a cup of lobster bisque at The Lobster Pot, we headed home and I slept in the car....just cannot seem to get my self back yet. My entire head, neck, throat and mouth are throbbing from the surgery and it is compounded by not being able to eat anything but liquids or mush.

I love driving through the stark beauty of the great dunes....

Commercial Street, Provincetown, usually teeming with people, was moderately busy today. Friends who own a shop said they had been doing a brisk business and plan to stay open all winter, while most shops are preparing to close for the season, but we didn't find the usual good sale prices. Surprising! This photo captures the perfect autumn sky, and it was nearly 70 degrees!
So despite all the clouds in my head, the color and healing warmth did shine through and I feel better tonight.

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