Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ms G Report, etc

Ms. G has made great progress in the last few days and I am happy to report that she is just about her old self and, with the exception of "extreme stress" because her keeper HAD to use the vacuum cleaner tonight, she is playful, loving and eating well.

Speaking of the vacuum cleaner, my energy level has been pretty high this week and in another burst this evening, I moved the living room furniture yet again. I just love re-arranging things and having a fresh look. Tonight's move was inspired by the fact that I needed to place my dining table so it could be opened fully, as we are having a very special birthday dinner here on Saturday. LM's daughter, Kristi, is turning 40! We will start off the festivities by attending a parade in the village which will feature the Budweiser Clydesdale's. A cool sunny day is promised and I am sure it will be lots of fun.
Part of my evening "entertainment" tonight was ironing all the table linens for Saturday and my very special company who will arrive next dear daughter, Anne, is coming from Fl for Columbus Day weekend! I find so much pleasure in ironing....yes, I know, many would say I am crazy, but there is a peace and reward in seeing the finished project. NPR kept me company while I worked, although I confess to turning it off when politics come on. Diversion, please, I say!

Work was really crazy today. There are a lot of changes and we are very, very busy. Our company president sent around a nice e-mail assuring us all as we pass through these difficult times and praising us all, as a team, for all the effort which has gone in to building the business we have now which, hopefully, will carry us over the current financial crisis we are in. He encouraged us all to remain positive, as opposed to wasting energy worrying.
Good advice no matter what one faces.

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