Friday, October 24, 2008

Could This be Baby Theo?

Alas, his "mother and father" claim this is Theo but I am not sure....he has grown so much, and what is with that tail? LM and I are thinking he is part squirrel and we do know this darling creature was found in the wild.....word is that he is quite wild in the house, too....his new siblings Bella and Tigroo are fair game to be pounced upon, chased and otherwise tortured. Ah, kitten fun!! This photo, taken at a RARE still moment, was just the balm I needed to carry me over surgery day.

I am off to try work this morning. Two days at home is enough....pain is worse today but that is expected post surgery and I know it will pass. If I don't feel well enough, I can come home, but I must try.
A nice early evening walk (Winter is upon Cape Cod....warm clothes were needed on the walk), and some knitting last night and I was in bed sound asleep at 9:30!
Happy Friday!!

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