Friday, November 14, 2008

Tricks with Treats

"I'll do anything for treats" says the very cute Ms. G!!

Last weekend Crazy Aunt Purl posted an hilarious piece on her blog about the addiction her many cats have for a certain brand of cat treats. It really struck a chord with me as our dear Ms. Graysea eats nothing but Whiskas Temptations and the price has been rising at an incredible pace. Those of us with treat-addicted cats cannot help but notice that the very second that one's hand reaches and touches the treat BAG, the cats come running, eagerly awaiting a treat opportunity. Purl deduced that perhaps it was the treat bag and not the treats themselves which hold the fascination, SO, she took an empty treat bag and filled it with the regular dry cat food which normally sits uneaten in a dish on the floor. Alas, the darling little critters, loved their "new" treat, and now we know it is the bag which is the lure! Ms. G has been happily eating her regular Purina chow, now dispensed out of the dearly loved yellow Whiskas Temptation bag!! I just hope this trick does not turn on me, but thus far, it is working like a charm.

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