Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ms Graysea is Worried

Ah, yes, she is looking very worried because the suitcase came up from the storage area and is being packed with clothes! As excited as I am about going to Saratoga Springs tomorrow to visit a friend for 3 days, it pains me greatly to leave my dear little friend. Her beloved, LM will come by to visit but it is not the same as having me here.

I am really looking forward to this weekend with my longtime friend, Nan. We have not had some girltime in a long, long time so this will be a treat and I will love seeing more of Saratoga as it is a very beautiful place. I am trying to stay very brave , though, as that very place is also the home now of the predator who nearly took my life with domestic abuse in 2004. I am going to hold my head up, enjoy this weekend and not let the fear of him rule my life. Some in my life are very uset that I am going to the town where this man lives. I promise to be careful.

Tonight I am packing and arranging things, and LM is coming by for a little visit as we will not see each other again until Sunday night. It seems "we" have been pre-empted alot lately and it makes me very unsettled. We both have our very taut silken thread of love, though, and so I go with a full heart and the knowledge that I will receive a very warm welcome home on Sunday.

LM finally had his appointment with the Social Security Administration yesterday and we think we finally have resolution for Kristi. It was difficult but they did find out that 7,000.+ of the money is Kristi's to keep, although, in a strange twist, she MUST spend it down within 9 months. It seems so sad that she cannot put some money into CD's for her future. SS really needs reform desperately. Meanwhile, she can finally have a TV and a few other little luxuries.

Have to much to do and most importantly I must allow for some lap time for my dear little friend.
Be back on Monday!


Susan T-O said...

Good for you to not let fear run your life. I hope you have a fabulous trip!

barbara said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend! And I am so pleased the situation with Social Security has been resolved for Kristi and LM. In addition to the TV, maybe she could have some pretty, warm winter clothes? A new coat and boots perhaps?