Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post Script and Further Adventures of Theo

After writing the post on Thanksgivings-past Monday night, my dreams and early morning reveries were filled with other memories of this lovely holiday. One certainly has to be the turkey soup which followed several days after the holiday. Mum had a huge pot into which would go the carcass, left over stuffing, and bits of veggies , as well as more celery, onions and carrots. To this day, I have never been able to duplicate the taste of Mum's turkey soup, and have never had any in good restaurants to compare. I asked her time and time again, how she did it but she always answered that there was no recipe, "just throw everything in to the stock pot and simmer." Easier said than done! I love to make soup and make other types very well, but not the turkey soup from my childhood.

And, from North Central Fl comes news of Theo's latest adventures.....The Christmas tree was put up early strictly for Theo's enjoyment and he is having a great time....not only climbing and rocking it, but he is also chewing cords....bad, bad! I do not think there will be any wrapped presents left under the tree when this "little darling" is done. I hear he is banned from my grandson, Marshall's room for destroying cords to his various games. Ah the joys of kittens....Theo is really becoming more beautiful everyday. His tail continues to amaze us all! I cannot wait to meet him in person when I visit at the end of March.
Baking pies this evening!

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