Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stormy Skies bring Feasts for the Eyes

Ryder's Cove in ChathamAs I have mentioned before here, I have known LM for many, many years, and it is only in the last 18 months or so that we became a couple. At some point during the time we were professional acquaintances, we had a discussion about this very spot in Chatham. Both having a strong interest in nature, the history of the Cape and little known places of interest, we got talking about the fact that there were often very interesting birds to be seen at this spot on Ryder's Cove. I drove by it on my way to work everyday and was often treated to the sight of great blue herons and other spectacular sea birds. This led LM to tell me that hidden away at this corner of the cove is a no longer used herring run and that he often stopped there to scoop a few herring to use for bait. Henceforth, in my little world, unknown to anyone else, this place inmy daily path became "LM corner," and each time I drove by I would look to see if he might be there....always with a little flicker and flutter of hope in my heart. It never did happen but since then I have revealed my little secret wish and we now always say aloud, "LM corner" as we drive by these days holding hands!
That is a round-a-bout way of showing you these photos I took last Saturday. We were having a very wild weather day and as we were listening to tornado warnings, we suddenly had brilliant sun and a bit of clearing as I was driving toward this spot. I first spotted the swans "fishing" on the corner, then my eyes were drawn up to a wonderful rainbow. I was really astounded and so thrilled that I had my camera, and that I could pull in to the tiny parking place on LM corner, that is usually occupied. I just stood there on the bank breathing in the beauty and giving thanks for my serendipitous timing.....not 10 minutes before, it had been raining hard.

A raft of large seabirds, in from the open ocean for protection....I believe they are buffleheads and mergansers, were working the cove which is a signal that there is a storm at sea, and right they were, as the surf was roaring in my ears as I took these photos. Because it was getting near time for sunset, and the skies remained so dramatic, I thought there would be potential for some interesting photos on the SW side of town and sure enough, by Stage Harbor, the sky started to light up. If you enlarge these photos you can see some gulls soaring. It was very windy.
Within a few minutes we were back in driving rain and it howled all night although we escaped any tornadoes!!

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