Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peace and Quiet

Just a few notes from the weekend which really turned out to be so peaceful, loving, quiet and exactly what LM and I needed. Last week gave LM more than his share of stress with his children and I found myself prodding him daily to do something for Kristi which he has put off for two months. Granted, he has been very distracted by his other two children and their needs, but I was really getting annoyed that it hadn't been done. Friday was the day! There was a palpable relief and I got thanks for the gentle prodding! Not that I needed it but it was such a relief to know that soon Kristi will be attending a 3-times a week program with other mentally disabled adults. She so very much needs social contact and will have a lot of fun in this program. With a little luck, LM will drop off the final paperwork tomorrow morning and Kristi will begin next week.

It is really very cold and windy here!

The trip off-Cape to deliver a truck went very well on Saturday. We also enjoyed a very nice visit with Dad and were so happy to find him thriving! It was funny to be "two flies on the wall" at his place. When we arrived he was in the community room participating in Saturday morning trivia. As we sat in an adjoining room out of his sight, we could hear him answering almost all the questions. We had to stifle our laughing as we were just so amused by his full participation in life there. After a great conversation with Dad and his former neighbor, Kathy, who also stopped by, we headed back to the Cape after a stop for lunch at Hingham Harbor.

Last night, LM asked me to make him cupcakes so I did.....vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling and mocha frosting. I just made a few and he thought they were the most delicious treat.

Today after a leisurely morning in which I made pie dough, in preparation for making 4 Thanksgiving pies on Tues (the dough keeps well in the freezer), we picked up Kristi and took her for some shopping she wished to do and we got groceries at Trader Joe's. Love that place! So crowded....I am sure they will do well right now as their prices are so reasonable.....soon we were back home and shared a nice dinner after LM helped me fix a few things in the house. He is always so willing to help.
Just a quiet sort of weekend which gave us time to relax, just be with each other and to talk. He will be away over Thanksgiving and I find myself blue over that fact. I was invited to go with him but I really do not want to leave my Dad or be too far away from my son and wife, as their ba,by is nearly due. So as I did last year, I will go to my brother's for dinner where Dad will join us and on Friday I will have a "date" with LM's friend, Bob, as I did last year when LM was away for Thanksgiving. Christmas we will all be together....much better.
It seems we all ask for peace and quiet at times but maybe don't really focus on the value of those words....this weekend really fit them well.

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barbara said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I love Trader Joe's too. This time of the year they have chocolate truffles that are divine and make nice hostess gifts if you get asked to a party.