Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sometime before dawn yesterday morning, Dad decided that he was not going to get up again, and not going to drink or eat. When he didn't arrive at the dining room for breakfast, staff went to investigate and found him comfortably sleeping under a log cabin quilt I made many years ago. They called my brother and wife, Trish, and Trish went over to see what she could do. At the last minute before she left home, she tucked Bob, their cat, whom we are convinced is my mother in a cat suit, under her arm and brought him along. He is one of those cats that is happily portable. He loves to ride in the car and is very relaxed. As soon as they arrived at Dad's room, Bob went immediately to Dad and cuddled into him tightly and stayed there all day. Trish took the photo above with her cell phone but you get the point......
Anyway, after much imploring, visits from other family members and friends, Dad maintains he is fine, that he is ready to "go". He said he had a dream the night before (actually his father's birthday), and someone told him in the dream that he was at the end, that it is his time to go. Trish woke him often during the day yesterday to ask if he was OK and his steadfast reply was "I am wonderful and peaceful". He's making his own decisions! Perhaps this morning will find him up and ready to go to breakfast as usual with his friends, perhaps not, we do not know. Not taking in food or water for 24 hrs or more is serious in his state of kidney failure.

I feel some peace and we have been assured by the facility where he lives that he will not be taken to the hospital or a nursing center and will be kept comfortable by hospice. My dear, SIL Trish is watching over things and will let me know this morning how he is. Meanwhile, dear sweet Bob is at home. Trish said she was just amazed to watch him next to Dad, at times getting up to turn around and cuddle in closer. Bob stayed until 7 pm when my brother Sam visited and reluctantly gathered Dad's guardian into his arms for the trip home.

So we wait.
This morning I am going to vote, and vote for change.....OBAMA!!! That is my decision today and about the only thing I can control right now. I'm sitting in the stream of life and calming warm waters seem to be flowing around me as they move along. There is a quivering in my heart. Ms G is watching over me, staring intently into my eyes with her head tilted.